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What is collected

We take privacy very seriously and can be used even in GDPR regions. The recording is anonymous and is not stored in a way that we can trace back to identify any user.

The following information is collected:

User Web Vitals

  • Url - The url of the page
  • User Agent - The user agent of the browser
  • Device Type - The type of device
  • Network Speed - The network speed of the device
  • Browser - The browser of the device
  • OS - The operating system of the device
  • Timestamp - The timestamp of the request

Remix App

  • Request - The request made to the server
  • Route - The Remix route of the request
  • Loader - The Remix loaders that the request invoked and its duration
  • Actions - The Remix actions that the request invoked and its duration
  • Errors - The error messages that happened during the request
  • Duration - The duration of the request