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  • Released Metronome v1 with pricing (enabling soon) + free version
  • New metronome-sh version with postbuild command see installation instructions

2021-12-27 - Released metronome-sh package

TL;DR: Remove old Metronome packages and install a unified package:

npm uninstall @metronome-sh/node @metronome-sh/react
npm install metronome-sh

After Remix 1.1.1, Metronome was incompatible with it because some build and internal changes.

Previously, to be able to use Metronome you needed to install two different packages @metronome-sh/node and @metronome-sh/react. Now if you want to use Metronome you only need to install metronome-sh.

Everything should be working as before. metronome-sh is locked for Remix version 1.1.1 for now. When a new version comes out, I will update the package accordingly, making sure it works first.

2021-12-27 - Changelog created

This changelog is created to keep track of the changes that are made to Metronome.