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Metronome Documentation Guide

Welcome to the Metronome documentation! This guide will help you get started with Metronome.

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What is Metronome?

Metronome is a real user monitoring tool made explicitly for the Remix framework that lets you monitor how your app is performing in your production environment.

It is aimed to be set up with minimal configuration and hassle-free.

Who is behind Metronome?

Hello there! 👋 I'm Erick, and I'm building Metronome. Since last year, I've been following Remix and decided to support the project early this year.

Since I put my hands in Remix, I fell in love with its way of embracing the web primitives instead of working around them.

That's why I decided to create something useful to the framework using the framework!

I'll be creating a blog soon to share this journey. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter @ericktamayo.